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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More LIVE spoilers (LAST PART)

Alison and Ryan..OUT!!!

Chelsia got the pillow!!...and moments later she fell. :-(

There's only 2 couples left...

Parker and Jen are "promising" the other couple that they are safe from eviction if they fall (they were all getting sore and tired)

...and they believe it and so they got down..making the winners...

Parker & Jen!!!

Now they have the power to evict a couple.
They also got the $10,000 pillow ;-)

...and now...

its the end of the show!!!!

I'm going to turn on the live feeds and see if the cameras on and if they are, I wanna see who ISN'T in the house!! I can't wait until Weds to find out!! ;-)

Don't have the live feeds?? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??!!!