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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More LIVE spoilers (part 4)

The FIRST COMP is going on!!!!! It's called "Falling for You"

Suspend in air...the other partner on the bed...both raised up TOGETHER!! THey have to cuddle and hold on to each other...

Adam said that Sheila's breath is really bad LOL


Once in the air, if the partner falls, that couple is out.

The winner will choose WHO TO EVICT!!!!

First out:
Sheila & Adam (she gave up)

Second Out:
Neil & Joshua

Third Out:
Alex & Amanda (she couldn't hang on, he's pissed.)

Fourth Out:
Sharon & Jacob

(James and Chelsea look comfy :) )

Julie is tempting them the girls to reach down and try to grab a heartshaped pillow for $10,000 in hopes that the girls lose their grips and fall.

Chelsea is REALLY trying and it looks like she could fall...


Stay tuned...