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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Amanda has a Seizure (video)-Friday Feb 22nd

If you have Showtime and watch Big Brother: After Dark, then you saw all of this happen already. If not, here's the scoop:

On friday around 6:30pm BBT, Amanda (who was on slop) was feeling dizzy and was telling Natalie that she she was in need of sugar (she is hypoglycemic), when all of sudden, she passed out!! Here's the video, courtesy of Quirkydude:

And here is a 2nd quick clip of Amanda gasping for air & seizing:

Around the same time, Allison had an allergic reaction to something and she was actually in the D.R. when Josh pushed the "Panic Button" to open the Diary Room door. Here's a video of James talking about what happend (moments after the whole Amanda incident):

Allison was rushed to the hospital due to her throat closing and causing her breathing problems. The HG's all made "Get Well" cards (using nail polish-how creative!!) and both Allison and Amanda (awww!!) and both returned in good condition!!

Now, since Amanda is hypoglycemic, she was given tablets to take while on slop so that she wouldn't pass out and go into shock happen again.

So that's what happened on Friday, alot of medical emergencies, but all is well and the game contines! :)

Okay, let me gather up Saturday's report real quick (then I'll be caught up on updating finally lol)

Stay tuned...