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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sheila is working the HG's nerves!!-Sat. Feb. 24th

On friday night, I recorded a video of the live feeds of Sheila just going OFF!! She hates this...she hates sick of sick of that...etc etc. Sounds like she's had enough of the whole BB thing and doesn't give a flying [you know what] anymore. This whole topic was the talk of Saturday.

[once i get the video uploaded, I'll post it here...]

So on Saturday, it seems that Sheila was the one working on all of the HG's nerves. Here's a video, captured by Quirkydude of Amanda, Allison and Natalie discussing their wishes for Josh & Sharon to use their POV to put up Sheila and Adam:

Then Sharon joined the 3 girls and continued their 'Bashing Sheila' love fest:

But then Allison goes on to tell Adam that Josh & Sharon do not intend to use the POV:

Ohhhhh the drama!!! ;-) Okay, time for Sunday's overview & update-to-the-minute updates!!

Stay tuned...