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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Big Brother 9: Interior Pics & CBS

In my previous post I mentioned how CBS was in the middle of switching things over from BB8 to BB9...well ladies & gents, the CBS Big Brother 9 site is now *LIVE*!!! Check it out:

Also, as you'll see on the front page, there are pics of the interior of the BB9 house!! We've already seen from the BB9 House Interior Video that the theme for this season is a winter cabin'ish theme...very cool!!

I'm not going to post all 30 pics (that's just nuts lol) but I will post a couple.

For the full slideshow of all the interior pics, go to THIS PAGE (theres 30 pics in the BB9 Interior Tour slideshow).

Oh, and can I be the first to say THANK YOU BIG BROTHER for providing a freakin' pool table this season!! I was sooooooo tired of watching the cast of BB8 play beer (yawwwwnnn) pong everynight.

Here's a couple of the pics: (click on them to make'em larger)

Also, Julie Chen will be talking about BB9 this morning between 7am-9am EST so TUNE IN!!! If you miss it, don't worry, we got ya covered..I'll post vids later on. ;-)

Stay tuned...