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Monday, February 4, 2008

Rumor Control: "leaked list" is a FAKE!!

This just in!!

Casting agent for the Big Brother show (her name is Robyn) has put the "leaked houseguest list" to rest. The list 100% FALSE!

Now that we cleared that all up (thanks Robyn!!), I wanted to tell ya'll about something I noticed over at the CBS Message Boards:

It seems that is gearing up for the switch for BB9!! The BB8 boards, which have been active up until even today, are now being redirected to the BB9 Message Boards!! w00t w00t!!

Here's a screenshot:

Expect a Big Brother 9 section (with all the info, pics, and houseguest info) to be up and running this Wednesday Feb. 6th!!

Folks, this is the point in the pre-season of Big Brother that things start heating up and happening fast! The good news is that all these stupid "rumors" will be done and over with very soon (yayyyy!!).

Are you ready for the ride?

Then Stay Tuned...