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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big Brother 9 Live Eviction - 2 hours to go!!

Who's as excited as I am?? I can not WAIT for this live eviction tonight!!! Hopefully Parker & Jen will get the big brother boot in the ass and....out they go! *crosses fingers*

I have a strange feeling that Big Brother is going to boot Jen but keep Parker in the game somehow. I dunno, just a funny feeling. I think BB loves the fights/drama/showmance that Parker offers, so I can see them keeping Parker strictly for ratings purposes. Everyone loves to hate at least 1 houseguest, and this season, its Parker. (CBS, don't let me down...get both of their asses outta there....PLEASE!!)

The live feeds have been on & off (more off, than on)..this is what happens during live eviction day. The only thing I've seen was a very quick live shot of the girls getting themselves all dolled-up for the show tonight. Here's a shot at what is currently on the live feeds:

(The answer is Hardy's, by the way. ;) )

If you don't have the live feeds, tonight would be a great time to get them! If the houseguests have an endurance comp for HOH, then CBS will only show you about a minute or two of whats going on. But if you have the live feeds, then you'll be able to see the whole thing uncut & uncensored!!! The live feeds are 100% TOTALLY FREE, no strings attached, for 14 full days!! Try'em out and get in on the action!

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T-minus 2 hours before the first Big Brother 9 Live Eviction begins!!!

Stay tuned...