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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dick on Housecalls (pics/screenshots)

Evel Dick from Season 8 of Big Brother was just on Housecalls and I gotta say, it was the best f'ing housecalls I've ever personally seen!! I love Dick's honesty and that he is so blunt about everything, and I think he sumed up everything VERY WELL!!!

So a major kudos goes out to you, Dick, for keeping it real!!

Here's the highlights of today's Housecalls session:

Housecalls started off with Evel Dick not even being there yet lol He was off "tending to some business" for the first few minutes of the show. Gretchen started to take phone calls and the first caller wanted to talk to Dick but since he wasn't there, Gretchen played his Secretary and wrote down questions to ask him later. Then finally, the one & only Evel Dick emerged!!

(Gretchen playing secretary & Dick finally arriving to the show):

Dick went on to say the following:

*Allison's and Shelia's "Lesbian allaince" is gonna bite them in the ass.
*All the drama in the house is "stupid drama!! no strategy in the house."
*Amanda is annoying him the most (out of all the HG's)
*"Everyone is lost in there, can't tell if they're playing the game or just there to have sex!"
*The "Lesbian Alliance" is stupid
*"Did nobody watch the show (before)?"
*The HG's telling alot of "stupid lies" and its gonna hurt every one of them
*Dick doesn't understand whats going on in the house (join the club!!!)
*"There's no game plans in the house, no nothing."
*Predicts (and wants) Jen & Parker to be evicted tonight
*"The house is gonna emplode on itsself soon (from all the bullshit lies)"
*"..having a hard time finding someone to root for in the house."
*"its feeling like the Real World, (more) than big brother"
*Sheila is out of her mind (lol)
*"The (whole) soul mate thing is stupid"

So there ya have it! The full report of Dick on house calls! :) If you missed it, don't worry, CBS will have video of it up & running soon. Also, Dick will be back on housecalls tomorrow (1pm/EST) to talk about tonights live eviciton.

I'll be bringing you the latest of what's happening on the feeds and such, so...

Stay tuned...