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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CBS aired the veto comp episode tonight

*sigh* Where do I begin?.....

...Ya know, I'm going to be completely honest right now about this season of Big Brother (and I'm not happy right now):

1) This "week" has seemed like a MONTH! I'm not kidding you!! Thankfully, that will end tomorrow (live eviction) and we can all move on with the real part of BB9.

2) The editing job they did tonight on Big Brother was HORRIBLE!!!! They made Amanda not seem so bad (ya right), they made Alex look like a creepy crazy stalker guy (soooo not him!!).

3)They never ONCE mentioned/showed how Matt is a fucking dickhead, egotistcal, womanizer asshole (why CBS, why must you make him look like an angel??)

4) We've known since LAST WEDNESDAY (yes, 6 days ago) that Parker & Jen are going to be evicted (well, a 99% chance).

*pulls hair out*

Anyways, to recap tonights (badly edited) episode, here's the recap for ya:

They showed the HG's fighting over stupid things (some things weren't even worth a talk, let alone a fight..whatever.), they showed the veto comp & Parker being the wuss that he is, couldn't spin Jen around on a heart-shaped merry go-round thingy and they lost their chance at winning POV.

After that, they showed how Matt told Parker he'd save him from the block, but that was only to shut Parker up for the moment. Matt & Natalie never used their POV's and the noms stayed the same.

They *did* show about 30 seconds of what happened to Neil....and 29 seconds of that was Joshua in the diary room reading from a cue card saying that Neil "left" for "personal reasons". Oooook. Then he was given the choice to bring back Sharon or Jacob and we all know he chose Sharon.

Oh, and they managed to make Parker look even MORE like a cry-baby spoiled little brat (that part, I actually found funny lol) I think they took every bad clip of him and mushed it together for tonights episode. My fiance kept making weird faces at me and saying "How old is this guy???? Why is he acting like a f***ing baby??" I just laughed and replied "Now you see why I don't like the guy."

So ya, that was the show. If you still feel like you have to watch the episode, haul your little butt over to and the video should be posted in BB's videos section soon.

Okay kids, I'm off to bed. Been a lonng...LONNNGGG day for me personally and I'm beyond exhausted. I'll get plenty of rest so that I can bring you the overnight report and numerous posts tomorrow with screencaps & new videos of whats happening on the live feeds!!

Until then, g'dnight BB9 Blog fans!! ;-)