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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Only 1 person to be evicted tomorrow??

If you have tivo or a DVR, go and look at the description of the show for tomorrow nights live eviction. It says "1 Housguest will be evicted." Last week, it said "one team" would be evicted. Could this be a twist? Or CBS just messing with us? Hmmmm. We shall see. :)

They've been calling the HG's in the Diary Room all day (to do their goodbye videos), Parker and Amanda were flirting in the HOH room this afternoon, James admitted her jerked off while in bed with Chelsia (wow!) and, naturally, Chelsia isn't too pleased to hear that lol

Well, looks like CBS gave the HOH's a digital camera and we'll soon have the very first HOH pictures up on the CBS website!! I love looking at the HOH pictures, it's neat to see the house from their points of view, ya know?

As it stands right now, the votes are for Parker & Jen to leave...but if what was said above is true, then only one of them will be going home. As long as Parker goes home, I'm a happy camper. I don't like his I'm-King-Shit attitude and his game play sucks! He knew he was going to be voted out for DAYS now and he hasn't done any campaigning in the house to stay...until today, that is. But, too late too late. Damage is done. Now let's just hope that CBS does their part and votes his ass out.

That's about it for the day! There's a lot of small stuff happening but nothing really worth reporting. If you like all that small stuff, then


There's some days that I am glued to the computer and uploading tons of screencaps and videos for ya'll, and then there's other days where I just don't have the time. And today has been one of those days.

However, I *WILL* be here blogging on the Big Brother 9 Blog about what tonights show had in store for everyone, so check back (espeically for you West-Coasters that just love a good spoiler ;-) )

Stay tuned...