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Friday, February 29, 2008

Geez!! Now Matt wants to eat out Allison! (video)

The topic of the night for every houseguest is sex!

Earlier I showed you guys the video of Allison saying that she will do "anything" to stay in the BB house..and I think fucking Matt, or at least letting him go down on her, falls into that category.

Once again, self-proclaimed "America's Playa", is trying to work his magic yet another female houseguest.

Listen to their convo & see Matt almost "practice" his oral skills on Ali:
(Video courtesy of yours truly ;-) )

And has anyone noticed how Allison repeats everything twice in a row? And she also says "like" a lot.

Ex: "Like, I'm seriously tired. Seriously. I'm like, tired." (Arghh!!!)

T-minus 5 days until I don't have to hear her on the live feeds!! w00t w00t!!

By the way, if I had to guess, Allison and Matt are TOTALLY gonna hook up this week. When a woman tells a guy HOW she has sex, what she LIKES during sex, and that she needs breaks in between orgasms..umm..ya...they're gonna hook up for sure!! ;-)

Stay tuned...