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Saturday, March 1, 2008

"Houseguests, time to wake up!" (video)

Good afternoon BB9 blog fans!!! Hope you slept well and you are all nursing your hangovers today. ;-)

There isn't going to be an overnight report because, well, I already reported everything that happened overnight. lol The HG's went to bed early last night and nothing else happened (surprisingly). Sheila and Adam kind of got everything out on the table as far why they were paired up together and I think they were just trying to figure each other out since they haven't really had the time to do that.

Okay, so Matt woke up about 15 mins ago...

...brushed his teeth and did something else...

I'm calling this the "Eww Moment of the Day"
(Video by yours truly ;-) ):

Oh how an attractive man can seem soooo unattractive in the morning lol

Right now, BB is waking up all the houseguests and they're all up getting ready for the day:

Stay tuned...