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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Goooood morning!!! (Overnight Review)

Good morning, sunshines! ;-)

The first thing I want to talk about real quickly before getting to the overnight report is this:

(Thanks for the support, by the way! :) )

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Okay, on to the Overnight Report!!!

Okay so just as I was done eating my eggs and taking my first sips of coffee, I ran across a video of Natalie telling Sheila, Allison and Amanda how she had a...[guys, this is your warning to *not* read this part or see the video lol]...she had a tampon stuck in her hoo haa for 5 days.

*shivers in disgust*

If you wanna see the 3 min clip, be my guest. But if you're eating anything at the moment, you might want to wait until you're done.

Video courtesy of xx2OOxx:

So though it still seems like Amanda and Alex will go home, don't count on it just yet! As I said yesterday, today is going to be crraazzyyy with both teams trying their best to get the votes in their favor. I'm going to switch on my wireless router and be glued to the feeds wherever I roam in the house (I can't miss a second of it today!!) Alex still isn't campaigning to stay, but Amanda is doing her best to get the votes to swing in her and Alex's favor.

Allison. *sigh* Where do I begin?? Allison is the 'Master of Puppets' right now in the house and is working her evil magic on the HG's to swing their votes to vote out Alex & Amanda. So its basically Alex & Amanda vs Allison at this point. Who can get, and KEEP, the votes for them to stay in the game.

While it was Chelsia and James' plan to get rid of Matt & Natalie, they are now seeing that people's votes are swinging and they're going to do damage-control today to get the votes back (to get Matt & Nat out). Sharon is the one helping Chelsia & James out by trying to get Allison to stop her from getting HG's to swing their votes. If Sharon can do that, then all will be calm in the house and the votes for Matt & Nat to go should stay in place.

BUT, it's still anybody's game today!!!

Other than all that strategy talk, the house was really calm last night. Alex helped Amanda test her blood sugar (he pricked her finger with the needle that was in the test kit BB gave her), and then he told her to drink milk because her sugar levels were low. They looked SO CUTE together and I just fell even more in love with Alex ;-) He's such a nice guy, and I would hate to see him leave the game. But, here's the good news: soon, Big Brother is gonna have to start evicting as singles because the number of HG's are going down wayyy too fast and it's only Week 3!! They still have 2 1/2 months of show to do! So I'm hoping that there's a twist tomorrow night for the Live Eviction.

Speaking of CBS, tonight at 9pm/EST is the whole Veto Comp & Veto Ceremony episode. Tonights episode is going to have a twist to it: it's going to be a Jericho themed veto comp (as posted by CBS on the website)! So we shall see what tonights episode brings!

The HOH pics are up! Actually, they've been up for a while (Amanda & Alex's HOH week) and I just now remembered them. lol ;-)

I LOVE this pic of Alex & Amanda:

For all the HOH pics, go to CBS: Big Brother 9. There's 91 pics in total.

Oh, one more thing:

Last night I posted a video of the boys hanging out in the BY, here is part 2 in case you wanted to watch it:
(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

Alright, let me spark up the live feeds and see what the hell the HG's are into now. lol ;-)

Stay tuned...