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Monday, February 25, 2008

A whole lotta nothin' going on (screencaps)

....unless you count Allison trying to flirt her way into Ryan's already-taken heart.

Chelsia & James are M.I.A. on the live feeds (maybe in bed??)

Josh and Natalie are in the Spa Room using the nail polish as paint and decorating plastic cans to help pass the time:

The rest of the HG's are watching Ryan and Allison play a game of chest and Allison has turned on the 'i cho cho choose you' childish flirting/charm (hopefully its not working on big Ry, though!):

*love swoon over Alex in glasses..yumm!!!!* ;-)

Okay, so that's your quick update on all the HG's as of 11:32pm BBT (that is 2:32am EST).

Time for me to take some vitamin c and hit the sack for the night so that I can get up bright & early and report ALL DAY LONG tomorrow (its bound to be a doozy of a day with eviciton night right around the corner!!!!)

Stay tuned...