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Friday, February 15, 2008

Grand Prize Winner of Big Brother Live Feeds is...

Okay ladies & gentlemen, it's time to announce the GRAND PRIZE WINNER for the 3 Months of Free Big Brother Live Feeds!!!!

Are you ready??

And the winner is.....

(keep scrolling...)

(from Town Creek, Alabama)

You won 3 Months of the Big Brother Live Feeds!! :-D
Enjoy the live feeds, on us, for the rest of the season! ;-)

(An email confirmation will be sent to you in a moment.)

For those of you who entered, we thank you for all your love & support of the Big Brother 9 Blog!! We love our fans and we LOVE to give back to you guys as much as possible!!!

If you didn't win, don't worry: you can still get the live feeds 100% totally FREE for 2 full weeks (14 Days)!!!


Okay, I'm off for the night. Perfect time to get the feeds, this way you're still in the know while I'm offline. But don't worry, a full overnight report will be posted early tomorrow morning with all the latest gossip, videos, and screenshots!!

Stay tuned...