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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Overnight Report-Feb. 16th

Good morning Big Brother 9 Blog fans!!! Are you ready to get your fix of what happened overnight? Okay, here's your overnight report:

So far, it looks as if Parker & Jen will be hitting the bricks Wednesday for the live eviction. That was said early last night and rang true throughout the whole night. Here's how the votes stand (as of this could all change though of course, after all-it IS big brother!)

Voting to Evict Parker & Jen are:

  • James & Chelsia

  • Josh & Sharon

  • Adam & Sheila

  • Which leaves only 1 couples vote to Evict Allison & Ryan:
  • Matt & (sorry ;-) )

  • We'll find out Weds. if that's how they vote. We'll be able to hear & see more game-talk/play today on the live feeds and we'll keep you up to date on everything!

    Okay, so yesterday we mentioned how Allison found out that Matt was going to try to put the moves on her again, and that she was going to use that strategy against Matt! Well, last night, Allison stuck to her guns and shot Matt down I LOVE it! And he finally got a dose of his own medicine when he tried to go in for a smooch with Allison. She gave him a quick peck on the lips (hey, ya gotta lure them in a little bit!) but when he came back for more than just a peck, she told him he has to work "alot harder than that!" Have you ever heard the phrase: "Hook. Line. Sinker!"? Well, this would be the "hook" part. If Matt is trying to be like Mike Boogie, then he's got the game all twisted up and wrong. He's going after girl after girl, and bragging about it to other people, and the girls all know his "strategy". I think he just got shot himself in the foot, ladies & gentlemen. He's wounded in the game, but not out...yet. Just like Parker, I think Matt will eventually hang himself in the game (unless he does something drastic and fast!...we're not holding our breath though.)

    I think all the houseguests are sick with a cold or something. Parker's been coughing something awful, Matt said he felt sick all day and into the night, Chelsia complained about her chest being stuffy, and Alex was complaining that the BB house is dirty and dusty (then Matt requested a vacuum from BB but they never responded.)

    We also found out that Sheila is one-of-many ex's of Scott Baio! If you watch Scott's show, called "Scott Baio is 46...and pregnant.", then you have seen Sheila. She was on the first season of the show. Shelia was the girl outside a gym that mouthed-off to Scott by her Jeep lol Funny stuff!!

    Here's the clip, courtesy of TheRealDeal (love that guy!!):

    So there ya have it, the full overnight report. I'm guessing the drama turned wayyy down because of 2 reasons:

    (1) The votes seem to already be in place.
    (2) I think most of the HG's are too sick (with a cold) to care last night.

    Let's see what today brings!!!

    Oh, and just for fun, I did a funny photochop of Parker & Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons

    ....we're just sayin'....

    More updates & screenshots to come, so..

    Stay tuned...