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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

HOH Lockdown (last updated at 4:55pm/EST)

Something fishy is going on in the BB house!! They never have the HG's on HOH lockdown for 3 hours.

James thinks that BB is going to remove stuff or make the house look like a disaster area (playing up to the whole Jericho theme..remember the "virus" thing from yesterdays show? That's what he was talking about.)

Josh is wondering how BB will have them cast their votes since they're going to be on lockdown (unless they let them leave to cast their votes and then remain in lockdown afterwards). However, James said that it didn't sound like that was the plan that BB had in mind. VERY INTERESTING!!!!

Okay, so as of 12:36pm BBT (or 3:29pm for all you East Coasters out there), this is what lockdown in the HOH looked like...

Nothing but mindless chatter so far...

Updated @ 3:43pm/EST:

Okay, the feeds have been on flames the past few minutes AND the feeds cut to a 2 second shot of the DR room chair (with nobody in it) and a male voice was heard saying "No, and umm..." [cut to flames again]..

Something going down!! ...and for once, it's not Natalie. ;-) Okay, cheap shot. But I had to take it hehe :P

Updated @ 4:05pm/EST:
...still flames....

Updated @ 4:55pm/EST:
The feeds are back!!
All HG's are roaming about and having mindless chatter still.

Sheila is giving a speech (to Matt, James, Chelsia, and Adam) about how young guys will do anything in bed, but older guys won't. I sure hope I don't have to hear this convo for the next 3 hours lol

Stay tuned...