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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Good morning, Houseguests!" (updated at 2:25pm EST)

The HG's all woke up, took their showers, got some breakfast and coffee and talked around the breakfast nook in the kitchen. James informed everyone that they are going to be on HOH lockdown (everyone must go into the HOH room) starting at 11am.

Here's Alex (shirtless hehe ;-) ) talking to everyone:

The talk was light and friendly. In fact, even Alex was goofing off by rubbing his nipple in front of James lol

Alex knows he's going home, and Josh asked James 30 mins ago if he should be a pity vote or just go with the majority to make it 3-0. James said "make it 3-0."

The HG's entered HOH lockdown at 11:03am BBT (that is 2:03pm/EST):

So, looks like Alex and Amanda's fate is to leave the BB house tonight...unless lockdown for the next 3 hours brings out something major and drama turns the votes around (but don't hold you breath on that one).

I'll be back every 30 mins giving you guys & gals the lastest updates..

Stay tuned...