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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Houseguests, time to wake up!" (video)

Okay, they're all up & moving about!

Jen crawled into bed her boyfriend Ryan and they had a little cuddle-fest going on (it was so cute! :) ) Jen mentions that she thinks the food comp will be tomorrow (Thursday) and talks about nominations..which I was a little confused on. There's just so much scheming, drama, and information that we all have to take in since last night and right now, not everything is 100% clear.

Real quick, I wanna talk about the houseguests from what I've seen on the Showtime: After Dark show last night:

Parker. Oh, brother. *sigh* I already can't stand him! He's overly-cocky, arrogant, interupts other people constantly, and just over all an asshole. He's like Dick from Big Brother 8, but minus the coolness factor and entertainment value and with a splash of annoyance.

I also didn't like that just because he got mad (at Jen for saying she's staying teamed up with her bf despite her being paired up with Parker), that he just flipped out and started trash-talking her to other houseguests...including calling her a "selfish little bitch", "fake", "annoying", and a "dumbass". All in the span of about 45 mins. Ya, real nice guy, aye? Oh, big brother.

Oh, and is there any other word that Parker knows besides "fuck"?? He drops the f-bomb every other word! What's even worse is that, the rest of the HG's are following after him and now THEY are starting to drop the f-bomb constantly. It's not entertaining, it's annoying!! Arghhhhh.

Okay, I'm going on the record by saying that Amanda is Jen (from BB8) Version 2.0! I said that during the live updating of last nights episode, and well...looks like the houseguests agree!! They were saying the same thing last night while in the jacuzzi. She's like Jen Johnson, but with a much higher voice (and more annoying..if thats possible).


Parker-he will not make it very far. He has an anger problem (in which he even admitted to last night) and he's going to 'hang himself' in the game eventually. So if you're betting money on Big Brother, take my word for it: Parker is not going to win. In fact, I'd be shocked if he was still around in 4 weeks from now.

'Crazy James'-I love Crazy James!!! I love his attitude, how he's playing the game, his this kid!! :-) Not only do I think he's going to make it very far in the game, but I think he will be entertaining to watch once the house gets very comfy being around each other (usually around the 3rd or 4th week). His ability to kind of camoflauge himself in every situation, will get him very far. He knows when to just listen, he knows when to talk, and he knows exactly what to say (or not to say) to certain people in the house. In my opinion, he's playing every houseguest like a "fine violin", and what's even better is, he's doing it in stealth-mode....nobody in the house is going to be able to reconize this because he's so believeable.

Okay, here's the video from this morning (about 30 mins ago):

More updates to come, so...

Stay tuned....