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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jessica & Eric to host 1st HOH Comp

This isn't really "breaking news" since we already broke this story on Tuesday, but Jessica Hughbanks and Eric Stein (from Big Brother 8) will host this seasons very first HOH competition.

Currently the HG's are on lockdown for tomorrows food competition. According to Jessica (via myspace), she said its a "really fun" competition.

Right now, Alex is getting his haircut by Jen downstairs in the main bathroom.

Then Crazy James walked in and snuggled on the bathroom with Alex lol

Awwwww..don't they make a cute couple!? haha ;-)

Amanda & Parker are in the blue bedroom talking/scheming. She just asked Parker how he's voting, and he said he's voting for Allison to stay. Then my boy (Crazy James) worked his stealth-mode magic that I love so much and he walked right in on Amanda & Parker secretly talking and it stopped those two from working. Love that kid!! Sneakyyyy.

I we got our first signs of a SHOWMANCE forming!!!!!

Parker and Amanda have been fliiiirrrttinggg like crazy today!! Here's just a quickie snapshot of those two messing around:

Right after that snapshot, Parker smack Amandas ass and they walked into the kitchen together. First showmance of BB9 is heard it here first! ;-)

Okay, the CBS show is going to start in 2 1/2 hours, and as always, we will be right here bringing you the latest!

Stay tuned...