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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Josh & Allison fight: Overnight Report Part 1

Holy moly, a lot of shit went down last night!!!!

Okay, Josh blew up at Allison when the live feeds were off, and the CBS show didn't start yet. Josh knew that Allison was easy to break down (mentally) and knowing that they had a mental comp, he wanted to break her down. Knowledge wise, Allison knew every quote on the walls that they had to answer for the HOH comp, but Allison's mind was on the fight with Josh and so she basically just choked during the comp.

(Wow, go Josh! lol)

The actual reason why Josh blew up at Allison is because allison told Natalie that Josh, Sharon, Chelsia and James all have an alliance together and that Allison wanted Josh & Sharon out this week (we all knew that, though. If Josh & Sharon didn't win the HOH, they definitely would have been up on the block this week-no doubt!)

Josh walked in on Allison telling Sheila in the downstairs bathroom that Josh called her a bitch (this is when the HUGE fight between Josh and Allison happened) and Josh confronted her and asked "What did you say?" And Allsion responded "Ya I heard you called me a bitch." Josh responded with "Actually, I called you a fucking bitch!"

Watch this video, courtesy of xx2OOxx:

Thennnnn, it was time for Round 2! lol

So, after Josh & Sharon tell Ryan what went down, he goes and asks Allison if that was true or not. Allison denys it all and has her own version of the story. She cries about how Josh threatned her (he threatned to strangle her and slice her throat open), and she went to BB and they told Josh to stay 5 feet away from Allison at all times (are you kidding me????)

As much as Allison is whinning, complaining, and bitching, she sure does like to provoke! She went outside to the hot tub where Sharon & Josh were and asked Sharon a couple of things and started to walk away...the whole time, Josh didn't say 1 word to her! It was only when Allison stopped and started boo-hoo'ing about 'I don't like my life being threatned..' crap. That's when Josh started on her again, but hey, she's the one that was just asking for it. No sympothy at all for her! Josh calmly told her to get away from him..she wouldn't. Josh spalshed water at her and said "Go away!", Allison said "No, I won't." (Ya, she seems real concerned with his threats, right? Whatever. lol)

Okay, so here's the video of all of that:
Video courtesy of the WONDERFUL xx2OOxx:

...and Round 2 is ON!!

Allison getting caught up in her own lies, drove a wedge in between her and her partner Ryan. He called her out for lying and she denied it and tried to guilt trip him (but he caught on to that, too.) Her maturity has gone down to about...hmm...age 9 now? lol ;-)

Josh must have REALLY done a number on Allison because at one point, she didn't give a shit about Big Brother or any of the HG's. Apparantly, she tried to quit (when she went into the Diary Room and bitched about Joshs' threats) so they compromised with her to get her to stay (that whole 5-ft away thing.) She goes on to bitch to Chelsia about how Big Brother is a "torture chamber" (lmao!)

The overnight report is SOOOOO BIG that I have to section it off into 2 posts...

This was Part 1, and part 2 is coming right up! ;-)

Stay tuned...