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Thursday, February 28, 2008

O.R. Pt. 2: Chelisa plays w/ Sheilas boobs, Josh dancing + more!

So apparantly, Ryan never knew about the fake 'adopted son' that Sheila and Allison had (when they were in their "Lesbian Alliance") and Chelsia filled him on everything (Ryan was NOT happy!):

Video courtesy of xx2OOxx

And so ends the Allison & Josh saga...for now, anyways. ;-)

In other news, Matt & Natalie fought last night. I'm on Natalie's side with this one:

Everytime Natalie needs/wants to talk to Matt, he ignores her or tells her to wait (for a time that will never come) and frankly, she got sick of it and called him out on it! (Good for you, Nat!! :-) )

Have I told you guys how much I love xx2OOxx?? Cuz I do!

Phewwww!!!!!! That was enough drama to fuel a power plant! Okay, so this marks the end of the drama-posts for the Overnight Report.

Now let's get you guys & gals smiling & laughing!!

If you're in need of a good laugh, watch Joshua break it down for ya!! His dancing is hilarious, but it's meant to be funny!

Ohhhh Joshua, how I love you so!! lol

And if you want to see Chelsia playing with Sheila's boobs, then watch this 1 min clip:

And friends...concludes the overnight report!!!

Fuck, I could use a nap now! lol ;-)

The HG's should be getting up in a few hours and when they do, I'll be sure to update ya'll on what they're doing and bring you some fresh new videos!! ;-)

Until then,

Stay tuned...