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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shit is hitting the fucking FAN tonight!!!

Alright BB fans, here's your dose of whats going on...

Basically, to be blunt, Alex & Amanda are fucked & they know it.

HOWEVER, the night is not over and Matt is making promises all over the damn place that his ass can't cash and Alex is now starting to figure out that he's promising different things to different people. So keep the faith that Alex will call Matt's ass out and get the votes!

Speaking of votes, it was decided by the HG's that it *MUST* be a 3-0 vote. This will protect the new HOH and not put a target on anyones back. Uhh..maybe should tell them that they're in the Big Brother house and that they ALL are "targets" in the house. Have they not seen the show before???!??

Moving on..

Dinner tonight was bitter sweet. The bitter part was that (at the time) it seemed that Alex & Amanda were going home (which still may be very true.) Right before dinner, Amanda was caught crying in her room about knowing that she's going home and Matt comes in to comfort her. Does anyone else find that a bit disturbing? The guy that is campaigning against her (but claims he's not) is hugging the person he's winning to.

Here's the video I captured tonight:

Right after that, everyone sat down to the table for the 'last supper' since they know at least 1 team is gonna be gone tomorrow. The HG's all said REALLY nice things about the couples that are nominated (except Chelsia who told Matt that his ego is too big and he needs to get a girlfriend to deflate it a bit lol)

When it got time for Alex to say a few words, it became more of a "goodbye. thanks for the memories." he threw in the towel and doesn't care anymore. (However, an hour later, I saw the fire in his eyes again, so don't count him out yet! ;-) )

Here's the video I captured of Alex's (seemingly) goodbye speech:

Though his speech was very heartfelt, it was nice to see him a crack a smile and making jokes afterwards:

Next, Josh and Sharon were talking and Sharon was PUSHING LIKE A MAD-WOMAN to get Josh to vote for Matt & Natalie to GO!!

Josh, on the other hand, was not liking what she had to say and he became rather frustrated and confused on what he should do.

Then all of sudden, they could hear Allison trying to strike a deal with Chelsia to keep Matt!! Knowing this, they decided to use it to their adventage and a plan was set in place to 'seek & destory'....

...and here's the video of Josh doing a 'test' deal with Matt (he doesn't know he was set up HAHA!!):

So Alex and Amanda & Sharon & James went into the HOH room and talked about a plan: they wanted Alex to blow up at Allison saying how Matt is using her and feeding her bullshit. Alex agrees.

Shit is going down right now and I can't be here typing about it because I need to WATCH IT! So...

Stay tuned...