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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Josh plans a late-night attack on Allison + VIDEOS!!!

Wow, wow, WOW!!

Tonight has been non-freakin' STOP!! Allison is feeding bullshit lines to Amanda, Josh is planning a verbal attack on Allison tonight (to which I am personally greatful for! lol), Alex is still 'whatever' about it all and in his mind, he's already going home. Oh, and can someone in the BB house tell Allison to stop saying "totally" and "trust me" and "a million, billion percent"???! Grrr!

Alex TRIED, for about 10 mins earlier tonight, to start shit with Matt by calling him out things, but it backfired. So its back to square one for Alex (though he's not gonna try anymore. He's done.) Ya know, I feel for Alex. He got screwed over because of his partner running her mouth and getting him pulled into her shit. Nothing he can do about it (then or now).

Soooo...this video is of James and Chelsia talking and he says "So, Matt stays."
(captured by yours truly)

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Okay, back to the update...

Josh and Sharon were in the hot tub tooting their own horns about how they have been stirring shit up in the house (but what THEY don't know is that tonight, the HG's are on to them and they're going to be targeted very soon for it):

And here is Alex telling Sharon to not mess up her own game while in the process of trying to save his ass:

I'm done with the videos for tonight, I took 9 vidoes today for you guys!!! That's ALOT! lol So now I'm gonna enjoy the feeds and the drama and I'll be back bright and early with a FULL OVERNIGHT REPORT and more vids for ya!!

If something REALLY exciting happens tonight while I'm up, of course I'll post it here and ya'll be the first to know! ;-)

Stay tuned...