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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ok, who drugged the BB houseguests?

I've been waiting since this morning to post about something, ANYTHING, that was going on in the house. It is now almost 12am/EST and I figured that if I didn't post something soon, then ya'll would start to wonder what happend to me lol

Okay, so the house has been very....well...quiet! How about that for a change?! Even Parker turned off his asshole-mode and has been rather neutral all day. Adam said that he's not feeling good, and from what I caught on the feeds earier, James was laying down on the floor with blankets and a pillow, and Matt was in his room trying to take a nap (until hummergirl Natalie came in and started to bother him).

Here's a video of the live feeds that I took a couple of hours ago.

Nothing else has really happend since. Everyone is lounging and laying down...sometimes they'll even get motovated and change locations to lounge in. I'm begininng to think that the HG's wore themselves out in a week and need a day to recover physically and mentally. Hell, I know I do!! Can you believe it's only been 1 WEEK?!!!!!! Ohh boy, this is gonna be a looooong season.

Enjoy the rest of your nights, ladies & gents!