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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More LIVE spoilers (part 2)

Okay, the guys just entered the house and its a rather happy meeting with the girls.

Jen seems to be every guys "favorite girl" (because shes hot) lol

Jacob saw his ex, Sharon, as he walked in the house and just walked away to compose himself for a second.

Sharon cried and was shaking and having (what she called) "a panic attack" ...she wants him gone asap!(Oooooo the DRAMAAAA!!!)

The houseguests are introducing themselves, everyone seems to love Crazy James...

Matt is totally the flirt of the men!! Loves the ladies! He thinks every girl in the house is "hot" lol Very cocky but funny. He's going to be one of those entertaining houseguests...him and Crazy James for sure.

Julie just announced to the HG's that they are all playing as "couples" the whole game with their "new soulmate"..of course, they're all shocked!!

...and...time for another commercial!!

Stay tuned...