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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More LIVE spoilers (part 3)

The HG's are being "coupled" up with their soul mate by are the couples:

(1) Alex & Amanda
(2) James & Chelsia
(3) Natalie & Matt
(4) Jen & Parker (not her boyfriend Ryan, DRAAAMMMMAAA!!!!!!!!!)
(5) Joshua & Neil
(6) Jacob & Sharon (hahaha!! Major drama with the ex's to come!!)
*****all beds are now taken*****
(7) Ryan & Allison
(8) Sheila & Adam (Shelia is NOT happy about it!! He's not her type.)

Jacob claims he still loves Sharon.

They're fighting.
I have a feeling she's gonna be a nagging bitch this season. Arghhhh.

Sheila is being called "ma" by Adam and its pissing her off (lol)

Adam is telling her to stop bitching...they're fighting...


Adam is a smoker and Sheila hates smokers.

...Shelia *still* bitching (I'm already annoyed about her..she reminds me of Jen of BB8!!!!)

Oh she's crying.

She really IS Jen of BB8!!! lol


Stay tuned...