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Friday, February 29, 2008

Okay, here's an update on the feeds...

Everyone in the house is on board for "Operation Gardner"..aka 'get Allison evicted' ("She planted the seeds, we're weeding them out!"-Matt)

Sharon & Josh are making Matt believe that he will not be voted out (if Allison wins the POV), buuuutttt, that's not the truth. ;-) If Allison wins, Matt & Nat will be packing their bags!!

Now, this is a great strategy on Josh & Sharon's part: they're making "friends" with Matt by making him think he's a part of a master plan to get Allison out and to save him from the block. They (Josh, Sharon, and Matt) made a deal that if its an endurance comp, and they are the last ones in the game, for Matt to just give up because he's safe anyways (he'd be a fool to do that though lol)

Ooooo how the plot thickens!!! ;-) I seriously couldn't imagine NOT having the live feeds on days like today!!!!!

Screenshots coming up in just a minute or two...hold on!! :)