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Monday, February 25, 2008

Overnight Report for Sunday-Feb. 24th

Last night, after the orgy in the pool (see post below for a ton of videos), Amanda, who was not in the pool during the love fest, went on to explain to everyone about how you can get an STD just from kissing and giving oral and of course through sexual intercourse. It was rather funny to see all the hornballs go from one extreme to the next...they went from being so happy & horny, to being scared shitless lol

Here are screenshots that I took of the live feeds last night during Amanda's STD "class" in one of the bedrooms.

After all of that happened, Matt went outside and was talking to James and Adam about how he can scheme to get him and his partner Natalie to stay in the house. I think shit is really going to hit the fan soon because of how close Alex and Matt are, and now they're forced to "battle" in order to stay in the house. James is trying to be neutral so that him and Chelsia aren't put on the block next week out of spite of putting the two nominated couples up for eviction. But then again, who knows, maybe it'll come back on Josh & Sharon for *not* using the POV to save one of them. We'll see!!

Here's the video, courtesy of the awesome Quirkydude:

And here is Part 2 of their convo in the backyard (and Matt saying that Natalie is a couple "fries short of a happy meal" lol):

So that's the overnight report!! Most of what happened overnight was already posted around 2:00am/EST so this was more like a part 2 of the overnight report.

I'll be updating ALL day today with new info and such. Today and tomorrow are going to be B-R-U-T-A-L with both Alex and Matt going against each other and campaigning to stay in the house. A tight friendship just might blow up in the next 48 hours.

Stay tuned...