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Monday, February 25, 2008

Who's it gonna be: Matt & Natalie or Alex and Amanda?

Hey guys & gals!! Ready for an evening report? Thought so! ;-) Sorry I've been slacking on reports today, I've been very sick ever since yesterday. I've been trying to push through it but the fatigue was just too much for me this afternoon and the sickness kicked my ass. :( BUT, I'm here now, and I'm back to being glued to the live feeds and addicted to Big Brother again!! hehe ;-)

Alright, so let's bring ya'll up to speed on what the hell is going on:

First things first, I've been getting emails that the videos of the striptease and "pool orgy" aren't showing up here on the website. I'm not sure why though. The only thing I can think of is the is having technical issues? I'll wait until tomorrow and if the videos still aren't showing up, I will post the links so that you can still see them. Cool? Cool! ;-)

Okay, now let's talk about what the critters in the BB house have been up to this afternoon:

Since live eviction is on Wednesday, there's a TON of people saying they're going to vote for 1 team, but then changing their minds (or being manipulated into changing their mind), and it's a head-swirl of flip flopping on votes. Arghh!!!!!

While the HG's are battling with themselves, their partners and the other HG's on who to evict on Wednesday, Matt is campaigning like a mad man and doing one hell of a job, too!! Amanda has been Allison's new best friend all of a sudden, while Alex on the other hand, refuses to do any kind of sucking up/campaigning. While Wednesday can't come soon enough, I can't help but cringe when I hear Allison & Sheila's voice in videos and on the feeds anymore. Am I the only one??! I can't wait to get Allison of the house, and she can take her fake "lesbian partner" with her and walk hand in hand straight out the door!!

But I digress.

So now on to the juicy stuff!! I mean, that is what you love to hear right? Right!!

So, okay, it looks like (at least as of this hour anyways) that Matt and Natalie will stay. All kinds of strategic plans and "promises" are falling apart just as fast as they're made! But we still have a full day and 1/2 before live eviction and BB doesn't need all the HG's votes until 30 mins prior to the live show, so in my opinion, it's still really anybody's game!! Last week, it was clear that Parker & Jen didn't have a chance in hell and we knew for DAYS that they were toast. This week, no so much. It's actually a complete opposite, but that's Big Brother for ya! It's VERY up in the air and at times and rather confusing on what the lie/promise of the hour is. *sigh*

Here's the latest from the live feeds tonight...

A happy-go-lucky Matt talking to James and Adam in the BY:
(Video by Romie1218)

Alright, now that ya'll are caught up to speed, I'll get some more up-to-the-minute updates for ya in just a short bit (by 2am EST) and I'll be back with screenshots and the latest gossip from the feeds!!! ;-)

Stay tuned...