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Friday, February 22, 2008

Playing in Veto Comp are...

Okay, so the Veto Comp starts in just 1 hour!! The veto ceremony to see who is playing in the comp was held and here is who's playing for the POV today:

Chelsia & James (HOH's)
Matt & Nattalie (Nom.)
Alex & Amanda (Nom.)
Josh & Sharon (random pick)

Matt is on the live feeds right now telling Alex that he knows James and Chelsia are gunning for him and that he's "not scared of anyone" in the house.

It's going to be an interesting veto comp today!! If Matt and Natalie don't win it, they're basically gone. The votes are already (supposidly) in place to get them out.

I'll post the results of the veto comp the minute I get home (I'll be back around 6pm/EST..who knows, maybe the HG's will still playing, if its an endurance comp!)

UPDATED @ 11:54pm:
Seems that Matt & Alex know about James' gay porno days!!!

Alex and Matt were talking in the storage room and James came in to get something out of the fridge...

...and Matt started to talk shit saying "what are you gonna do when I win pov and your plan goes to shit?" and James just smiled and said "Ya, you two are in a shitty spot." and walked out. Then this is what Matt had to say...

Matt: "Fuckin pink hair dick sucker! How much cock have you sucked, motherfucker?!"
Alex: "Ya, he took it up the ass dude!"
Matt: "Ya I know..."

Wonder how they know??! Did James say something? Does Chelsia know?? Grrr!! Wish I could be glued to the live feeds today but I gotta run. Damn!!

Stay tuned...