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Friday, February 22, 2008

Veto Comp today!! *w00t w00t!*

Josh was just in the HOH room talking to Chelsia and James. They all seem to think that there might an eviction on Sunday (not true) because everything is "moving really fast" in the house.

Josh said that this week, everything has been set 24 hours apart. One day HOH, the next day noms, the next day a food comp, and today is veto comp. Everything seems to be moving fast for them only because Amanda & Alex were HOH's for 10 days. They're not used to the "normal" BB schedule just yet! ;)

Anyways, so the Veto Comp takes place today!! This veto comp is a BIG one!! James & Chelsia told Alex today that they plan to take him and Amanda off the block. Their intentions (as of right now) is to get rid of Matt & Nat. But as we all know, a Veto Competition can change everything!! We shall see!! According to Matt, the Veto comp will take place at 3pm/EST.

Right now, the HG's are waking up and moving around and being called into the Diary Room one by one. Here's James & Matt asking Natalie who they want next in the DR (screencap taken @ 9:39am BBT):

As of 9:46am BBT, Sheila is making "Slop Bars" (aka baking slop in shapes of bars lol):

Stay tuned...