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Monday, February 4, 2008

Rumor: Dustin's bro casted for BB9?

Just when I was about to go to bed (at 5am!!), up pops another rumor..this one is rather interesting and could very well be true (it would be true Big Brother fashion if it was and play up to the "dirty little secrets" theme they have going for this season).

So, okay, here's the break down of the info:

Dustin, from BB8, has a brother named Derek.

This rumor stems from myspace (as Daniele would say..."oh myspace.") Anyways, so there's been comments left on Dustin's page about his bro being casted for BB9 and, of course, Dustin is playing dumb...either because he truly doesn't know or because he's taken an oath of silence from the mighty hand of Big Brother.

After taking a look at the comments myspace on Dustin's page, there's nothing that makes me think this rumor is true, BUT, you never know.

I can't wait for BB9 to start already, rumor control is getting ridiculously out of hand! lol

Stay tuned...