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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sharon is back, Neil is gone, Ryan & Jen had sex!

Wow. Wow. Wow!! What a night!!

Looks like something personal (with Neils family) has happened and NEIL HAS LEFT THE BB9 HOUSE and gave his spot in the game to Sharon!!! Neil was in the diary room for a very long time, I'm guessing when he got the news that something bad has happened. We'll keep everyone posted on info as it comes in!! Also, it looks like Sharon is REALLY out to get Jen and have her evicted. Ooooooo..the drama!

Of course, since that was Joshua's partner, he's taking it really hard. They looked so cute together, too. And they just had their first kiss the other night. Dammit! That could have been one hell of a relationship (not showmance, real romance.) My guess is, BB will try to bring him back...but as a twist down the line. I have that strange "big brother feeling" in my tummy about this one. We'll see!!

Okay, I said this a couple before, and I'll say it again: I love "Crazy James"!! He totally opened up to Chelsia early last night as the two were laying down and James showed his vulnerable side. He said that is in debt ($30,000-$40,000) from a business he opened and he lost his business in April/May of 2007 and he cleaned carpets in Beverly Hills, then all of his stuff got stolen out of his van. He thinks that there might be a purpose, other than winning the money, for him to be in the house (he said maybe people see him on the show and think 'he's awesome! Let's do something with him!"). He also admitted that he was very drunk when he filled out the Big Brother application at a bar. Right after that, he told Chelsia that the only guy in the house that he could see hanging out with (before BB happened) is Adam...and herself. :) I feel a bond forming!! For the record, I think those two are adorable together and I hope we see a "showmance" between them! *crosses fingers*

Okay, on to the next thing...

Ryan & Jen had sex last night in the shower!!!

A big *w00t w00t* to them for getting their freak on! ;-) I guess its been a while since they could get it on and just couldn't wait anymore. hehe!

Here's what happened on BB After Dark (on Showtime):

The HG's filled Sharon in on everything that's been happening, Allison looked like she was about to kiss Sharon (as she straddled in a chair & told her how much she "missed" her), Sharon has turned into the most annoying houseguest (in my opinion)..she was just wayyy too overly-excited about everything. If she was happy, she was VERY happy. If she was pissed, she was in-your-face pissed & making her points of view well known. The more I watch Parker, the more I'm starting to think he's bisexual (seriously!), and why is that I never really noticed Alex until last night?? He reminds me of Corey Haim in his prime. And that accent....yumm!! (sorry to all the guy BB9 Blog fans for having to read this little part lol)

The girls all gathered together and were saying how they should "stick together"...umm..maybe someone should fill them in on what this season is all about: COUPLES!! You would think that if they wanted to share a brain, they'd get one that actually works. Arghhh. This season is looking more and more like the Real World than Big Brother. Since when does BB have a full cast in their 20's? Oh, minus the old lady (Shelia) that is Mrs. Negative and complains about every little thing.

James gave Natalie a massage in the Spa Room. Nothing really happened, just some light conversation.

Sharon spent the whole night announcing to every single houseguests how Jacob "fucked her over". For 3 hours, that's all she did. OKAY!! WE GET IT! HE FUCKED YOU OVER!! NOW GET OVER IT & TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE!!! Geeezz!!

Parker still has a very limited vocabulary & says "fuck", "fucking" & "motherfucker" in every sentence. Can Big Brother get him a dictionary, please??!

Parker blames Jen for saying "stupid shit" (oh! I guess he DID learn some new words!!) and for getting them nominated.

Joshua asked Sharon privately if she would get info from "both sides" and tell him whats going on. She said she would. (Oooo DRAMA!!)

And that's basically what happened last night.

WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys, if you don't have the live feeds, this is DEFINANTLY a great time to get them!!!

I'll report with videos and screenshots in a couple of hours...

Stay tuned...