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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Winner #1 of BB9 Live Feeds is...

Hey everyone!! Okay, this is gonna be part Big Brother and part Contest. First, let's get the first winner of BB9 Live Feeds announced!! :-D

The winner of the 1 Free Month of Live Feeds is....

(keep scrolling...adds anticiption hehe ;-) )

Karin of Columbia, South Carolina!!!!!!!!
(email addy: dollface33@***********.***)


You will receive a confirmation email shortly on how to claim your prize!

Those of you who entered the drawing, the next drawing will be this Friday at 10pm Est, and that's for the Grand Prize of 3-Months of Live Feeds!!

Not entered into the contest yet? Well, you're in luck!! You still have time to get your entry in!!

Here's how to enter:

1) Sign up for the Free 2 Week Trial of the live feeds.
2) Forward your live feeds confirmation email to
3) Bookmark us & then check back on Friday @ 10pm EST to see if you won!!

Your confirmation email is your ticket into the drawing and it costs you nothing!! So what do ya have to lose? Take a chance and enter the contest today!


Okay, on to the next topic: Big Brother (duhhh!! :-P)

Tonight's episode was kinda 'ehhhh' for me. Not sure if it's just me?? Or if the houseguests aren't really that interesting this season (at least not so far). was really nice to see Eric & Jess back on the show, even if it was just for a few minutes!! They are just the cutest couple! :-)

I'm finding myself comparing this season to last season and I'm not sure why. Well...maybe I do know why.

It seems like this cast is a watered-down/generic version of the BB8 cast. Think about it for a have Amanda (also known as "Jen version 2.0"), then you have BB9's Jen (who is basically another 'whaaamber'), Parker who is like Dick...wait...scratch that..he's TRYING to be like Dick but he's just annoying instead.

Anyways, so let's fast forward through all the bullshit of tonights episode:
Alex & Amanda won HOH (as previously posted). The live feeds came back just a little bit ago and we now know who has been nominated for eviction....

*****SPOILER ALERT!!!!!*****

Okay, the two teams nominated for eviction are:

Ryan and Allison
Jen and Parker

If my predictions from one of today's earlier posts is correct, then I would put my money on Parker & Jen leaving (unless they win the POV). I told you guys & gals that he's going to end up 'hanging himself' in the game, and I see it coming sooner than I thought. I originally gave him 4 weeks in the house before getting sent home...but maybe I was off by a few weeks. lol We shall see!! :-)

Okay folks, I will be posting videos, screenshots, recaps, and everything else that is juicy starting tomorrow morning (around 5am/Est), so check back then!!

Until then, have a goodnight!!