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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Feb. 17th: Review of tonights CBS show

This is a review of what was shown on Big Brother tonight (Episode: 2):

So tonight on the show, they showed Jen saying the infamous line "i'm number 1 on the memory wall because I'm going to win." Of course, we already knew that happened last week, but the way that the house reacted over it was ridiculous! I thought maybe I had missed a hidden joke or something because it just wasn't making sense to me why they would all flip out over something so stupid! ..whatever. So the house flipped out, blah blah blah, Allison threatned to "spill the beans" about Jen & Ryan dating..blah blah Parker & Jen told everyone before Allison could. This way, Allison didn't have any way to screw them over in the future. Then Amanda made everyone swear on Holy Bible that they didn't know anyone in the house (so stupid, espcially because some HG's aren't relgious.) Did ya get all of that? lol Good.

Moving on..

They showed the alliance being formed between Matt, Alex, Natalie, and Amanda. And they also showed the birth of the "Lesbian Alliance" (Sheila & Allison pretending to be long time partners, and with an adopted son lol)

Sheila and Adam had a huge fight because she hates him (not anymore, but at this point she did) and she was talking shit on him, he called her out, they fought, she stormed away and cried. End of that.

They showed Alex and Amanda at the memory wall and picking the nominations, who we already told you a few days ago, but to recap, the nominees are:

Jen & Parker
Ryan & Allison

So that's what happened tonight on the show. They never did show what happened to Neil. At the end of the show, he was still there and at the nomination ceremony. So we still don't know what happened yet. BUT, I'm sure we'll find out this Tuesday when the next show airs (which is the eviction ceremony).

If you didn't catch the episode, go to in a couple hours and the episode should be available online.

I gotta run to do a couple of things but when I get back, I'll be doing screenshots and vids of the live feeds for ya and bring you guys & gals up to speed on what the day has brought! ;-)

Stay tuned...