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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Whats on the live feeds...(UPDATED!!!)

The scheming is ALREADY starting!!!

Matt thinks there's another couple in the house and is trying to figure out who it is (lol)...and he seems like he's in a REALLY bad mood!!! He's pissed that he's the only one who voted for Parker & Jen to stay (he did it out of friendship).

Allison is talking to Josh about her fake "Lesbian Alliance"..

....if you don't have the live feeds, turn them on NOW!!!!! Don't have them?


(this is the most interesting time in the house that I've seen yet on the live feeds!!! Scheming is going on ALL OVER THE HOUSE!!!)

They're already drinking out of bowls....

..and they got their washboard & tub (hahahaha!!)

..and Josh is telling Chelsia about Allison's fake alliance and Chelsia just said "We don't know who we're putting up, yet.."

Wow...this is gonna be a long night! I'm already dreading tomorrows "Overnight Report"!! lol

Stay tuned...