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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chelsia and James Getting Drunk (videos)

Chelsia and James are already drunk, started a little flirting and some nice converstaion in the HOH room. James is hoping and wishing for a little affection with Chelsia tonight, and you know what, I actually see it coming!! I'm glued to the live feeds tonight!!

I must say, now that Parker & Jen are history (yayy!!), the house seems like its a Big Brother house now!! It doesn't feel Real World'ish anymore!!! :-D I was actually surprised that those 2 were the ones causing the house to feel different (and not like a typical season of big brother). But I am VERY happy to report that Big Brother 9 has now begun (even though its Day 14 lol)

Here's a pretty screenshot of Chelsia (love the pink streak in hair, btw! Hella cute!)

And here's 2 vids, captured by yours truly, about 20 mins ago...

...and here's Part 2:

Tonight is *DEFINITELY* gonna be a Live Feeds night!! The houseguests are all in GREAT moods, eating, drinking, and in great spirits! And Chelsia & James are flirting!!

Get those feeds up & running!!!

Stay tuned...