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Monday, March 17, 2008

Adam coached Matt on how to stay in the house

Last night (around 1am BBT), I was watching the live feeds. Adam and Matt were talking by the pool table in the backyard. Adam coached Matt into how to get the votes to staying. He told Matty how to get votes from specific people. To be honest about everything (that he has done), call'em ALL out on the fact that he didn't do shit to be up on the block this week, and to do "whatever it takes".

Adam also reminded him of what Evel Dick did last year when he was on the block; he did everything he could to get the votes because he had nothing to lose. If you think about it, Matt's actually in a good position right now! He has NOTHING to lose, he knows he's going home as of now, and the whole house knows it. This means that he has the chance to do anything/everything to side with people, make deals, backstab, blackmail..whatever!! This is his time to shine! ;-)

Matt was thinking about raising some hell and starting last night, but Adam advised against that and told him to wait until today (Monday) to stir up shit and make "these peoples lives a living hell for the next 48 hours!"

The live feeds are going to be INSANE today and tomorrow, and then of course on Wednesday (Live Eviction Day)!! And if Matt somehow pulls this off, to where he will stay in the bb house, then WATCH OUT because all hell is going to break loose!

I wish I could have taken video of the 15 minutes convo between Adam and Matt last night; it was priceless!! But I had a major technical error with my software and was up all night fixing it. The only video that I found was this one:
(Video courtesy of Scootie668)

..and the Adam/Matt convo happened right after Ryan went inside (which was minutes later).

So be prepared for alot of updates today and probably some crazy shit from Matt!

In other news:
Sheila has been talking to Natalie some more and she's in a La-La-Land. She's talking about how she's going to win the HOH comp and raise some havoc in the house and backdoor people and blah blah blah. Sheila?? Win hoh?? Ya, right. Not unless it's a trivia comp about her son and Penthouse. lol

Alright kids, I'll be posting more updates shortly!!

Stay tuned...