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Monday, March 17, 2008

HG's practicing croquet (future comp)

Remember last season how Dick and Dani were always practicing croquet? Well, the croquet set is bbbaccckkk!! Natalie, Ryan and Adam are currently outside practicing it:

Now, at the VERY begining of this season, I mentioned how Evel Dick would be returning to the BB house to host a comp sometime. Well, I'm guessing this would be the one. This was his game. He was constantly playing it and teaching Dani how to play it as well:

Flashback Video
Dick & Dani Practicing Croquet:

End of Flashback Video

Sheila mentioned this morning on the feeds (when she was getting ready for the day with Natalie) that she would love to see Dick come back to the house. Wouldn't we all!!! Maybe BB should throw him in the house just for a week to stir shit up and get them all on the right track on how to play the game. Kinda like a teacher to teach the "idiots" (as Matt said last night) how to play this game!! Ohhhh, how I would love CBS if they made that wish come true! lol :-)

Stay tuned...