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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Adam is the HOH, not Nat, Ryan or Sheila! (arghh)

Adam is doing a TERRIBLE job at keeping control of his HOH. He's letting Ryan and Natalie highly influence his job as HOH, and Sheila thinks she actually is HOH! the point of the HG's complaining about her acting as if she won the title and not Adam. Why is Adam letting them do this to him???!?? I can't wait to see his Diary Room sessions tomorrow so I can see where his mind is. Maybe he's just letting them vent and he's totally playing the game HE wants?? But I just find it weird that Ryan and Nat can change his mind real quick.

One minute, Natalie is in Adam's ear saying "Get Chelsia OUT OF HERE!!", and the next minute, she's saying to NOT evict her (out of fear that Chelsia and Matt will fuck in sequester). Natalie, who is STILL madly in love Matt, talks about him as if they're a real life couple. Last night, she told Sheila she was about to quit the game so that she could be in sequester with Matt and be away from Chelsia (and hse was dead-serious about that!) This girl is insane! And not the fun kind...I mean seriously messed up in the head and needs to seek help.

Here's Natalie, right after the whole Chelsia fight, saying that she wants Josh to be the replacement nom and she wants him gone!

I can't take that girl anymore. I really can't.
More updates on OTHER houseguests (besides Natalie) coming up!!

Stay tuned...