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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chelsia went off on Natalie!! (videos)

With the thought of knowing (at least as it stands right now) that she is getting evicted this Wednesday, Chelsia decided to go off on Natalie..BIG TIME!!! So much so, that production called Chelsia to the D.R. and told her to cool it. Seems like the D.R. is wayyy in control this season: limiting the amount of alchohol to like 2 beers per houseguest, telling Josh to not mention Sheila's son cuz he's a minor, and now this. The only rules that us fans were aware of are: (1) No physical violence...and...(2) No destruction of other HG's property. That's it! Or it was, at least. Hell, when Josh went off on Allison, they gave him a '5 foot' rule, and a few weeks later told him to do the same thing when he planned to go off on another HG (I forget who that was now, it was a female though.)

Anyways, to cut to the chase, Chelsia went off on Natalie about her having 2 abortions and that abortions are not a form of birth control. She then went on to calling her names like a murderer, baby killer, etc etc. The over-the-line point for production is when Josh got the idea for Chelsia to squirt her/her things with ketchup (symbolizing blood from abortions). Chelsia also asked Natalie, Miss Bible Reader, what the 10 commandments are, and reminded her (when she couldn't remember) that one of them is "Thou Shall Not Kill". Natalie's response to that was "God forgives all sins!"

I'm going to leave my comments/opinions out of this one, but I'll just say that both Chelsia and Natalie made me sick to my stomach when hearing/watching all the shit that went down last night.

First, Chelsia had a breakdown and was crying to James about probably going home this wednesday:

I want to thank xx2OOxx for all the great videos!!

Part 1:

Natalie: "Enjoy your last 5 dayyss..." (mocking voice)
Chelsia: "I will, Natalie..I'm gonna rip your to sheds!"
Natalie: (childish yaa's & um humm's)
Natalie: "Ya, uh huh..WHATEVER!!"
Chelsia: "You dumb fucking white trash trailer park CUNT!!"
Sharon: (giggling in shock) "Oh my god!"

Part 2:

Part 3: James tells Chelsia to knock it off.

James: (to Chelsia in bed) "How old are you, dude?"

Natalie ran upstairs and hid in the HOH room. Finally Adam had enough and told her to get out and that she can't hid up there all night (she was up there for a while).

Tomorrow is POV day and I'm anxious as hell to see who will be the replacement nom!!! Of course, I'm assuming that James will actually use the POV to save himself.

Stay tuned...