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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Aftermath (Josh & James talk)

After the whole house blew up last night (at James), James and Josh talked late last night around 1am. Josh was actually in bed but got up and talked to James in the kitchen for a while.

James, much more calm, talks about cracking in the house and James toys with the idea that Natalie might put up Sheila as a pawn (upon the request of Sheila late last night) but Natalie said no to that and that she can be up in the HOH room all week with Natalie.

James also comments on how nice Josh has been lately since he 'turned over a new leaf' and hasn't flipped out in awhile. Josh went on to say that going to the sequester isn't that bad of an idea. Both Josh & James know the pecking order in the house and they know whoever doesn't win POV, will go home this week & the next one will go next week.

Little do they know that this week is (rumored) to be Double-Eviction week! Guys, this week WILL be interesting and the whole game can switch in an instant!! Imagine this (just for an example): James wins POV & takes himself off the block..someone is put up as a pawn & Josh goes home. During the live show, they'll do the 'Fast Forward HOH' comp, and since Natalie is the current HOH, she won't be able to compete..James wins HOH, puts Natalie & Ryan up on the block, Natalie would go home. Then another HOH comp would happen and that's anyone's guess.

If James does *not* win the POV, expect this week to hell week for the other HG's!!! He will not go down without a fight!! For the first time in 2 weeks, I'm EXCITED for this week to happen & can't wait to see how it plays out!!! If you don't have the live feeds, sign up for them (hey, they're free for 14 days, if you don't like'em then cancel them.)

Here's the video of James & Josh's convo:
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

(if the video doesn't show up, that's because YouTube is having issues again today.)

Stay tuned...