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Friday, March 28, 2008

"Houseguests, time to wake up!" (pics)

Everyone is up and moving around, with the exception of Natalie that got yelled at by Big Brother to keep the lights on during the day (twice).

Sheila is up and already on a rampage about how she's not going to "honest & nice" anymore. James & Josh find it funny that she used the word 'honest' because that's what the fight was about last night (Sheila not being honest). Sheila is already getting on everyones nerves today.

Ryan (to Adam): "Go handle your wife, bro!!"

James went to bed around 4am and Josh said he slept like shit last night. They don't think the POV comp is going to be anything that elaborate because as of the this morning, there's still nothing set up for the comp and they're not on an interior lockdown yet. I think I heard Natalie say last night that the girls were given bikinis for the comp?? And that they (Sharon & Natalie) think it will be a sloppy/messy comp.

Here's some pics from this morning around the house:

Update: Sheila is still repeating the same story over and over again..about how she's done being nice, she's done being honest, blah blah. She's now yelling all this into Sharon's ear. If she keeps this up all day, the house is going to explode on her, no doubt!

Stay tuned...