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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Aftermath of Matt's eviction

Natalie and Chelsia went into the spa room to have a little talk. Natalie told Chelsia that James is a hypocrite because of his whole "you guys were working as partners" speech but that when he was playing in last weeks HOH endurance comp (the disco ball comp), James mentioned that he was fighting to stay up there for him and his "partner" Chelsia. Nat then told Chelsia that she has been voting the way she wanted to vote, and fuck how the majority (of the house) wanted to vote, and that she's there to play for herself, not as a team. She also told Chelsia that she knows the house is split into 2 and she knows which side she's on (and it's not James & Chelsia's side).

A little bit later on, everyone was roaming in the kitchen. Right after the live show and the feeds came back on, Adam had approached James, Josh, and Ryan individually to express how uncomfortable and nervous he is that he has to nominate 2 people tomorrow afternoon for eviction. They all pretty much tell him to chill out and that it just comes along with the territory of being HOH. 30 minutes later, he is still stressing/thinking about nominating 2 houseguests tomorrow:

Speaking of nominations...
Adam: "Big Sheila would be devastated if I put her up.."
Josh: (to Chelsia) "He (Adam) would be doing the house a favor!"

Natalie took a few minutes to herself to look over the houseguest pictures on the board and she was looking at Matt's (now grey'ed out) picture and shedding a few tears. She's clearly upset that he's gone:

I'll be doing screenshots for now since YouTube is down right now for "maintenance" and that usually lasts a few hours.

More updates to come all night, so..

Stay tuned...