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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tonights Big Brother Episode

Hey guys & gals!!
Okay, BB was just on and boy oh boy, do I have some things to say!!

First off, the POV comp was..ehh..rather boring. The HG's had to walk on a balance beam back and forth and drop little wooden blocks into big tubes. The first person to get all 500 of their blocks in, won. BUT, if they dropped a block or fell off, they were out of the comp. Matt was acting all cocky "oh, I got this! I'm focussed!" and then BOOM, he fell. lol Serves him right for being overly confident and talking shit. ;-) Anyways, Sheila was the most focused player...she went back and forth really slow and made sure her balance was good. I was impressed!....until she dropped a block on the ground and was eliminated. Blah blah blah, James won the veto comp.

Alright, so James WAS going to nominate Adam because James thought he was the 3rd vote to keep James evicted last week...buuuut, Sharon set him straight and told him it was Matt that was the 3rd vote and that he's been lying to James all this time. It was at that very moment that James decided to nom Matt.

During the veto ceremony, I couldn't stop giggling!! Matt was getting what he deserved..a dose of his own medicine! He spent all this time in the house talking shit and thinking he controlled the house, and BOOM...James knocked him back down to reality. The look on Natalie's face (when Matt was nom'ed as Sheila's replacement) was PRICELESS!!! But James was right when he told everyone during the ceremony that Natalie cut a deal to save her AND Matt, and that they are playing as a team, and that team needs to be broken up; this is a singles game now. I wanted to stand up and clap my little heart out!!

Between that clip tonight, and Adam's clip of him freaking out last week and telling everyone to vote however they wanted to vote and stop all this couples bullshit, I think (and I HOPE!) that ALL the hg's are finally going to step-up and start playing as INDIVIDUALS!! I've been seeing that happen already on the live feeds, and now I know why. And if I was James and Chelsia, I would take his own advice and cut all ties with each other before they are on the block next and for the same exact reason.

What goes around, comes around.

What did you think of the show tonight?? Thoughts? Comments? Leave'em below!!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Stay tuned...