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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Matt campaigns to Josh (video)

Shortly after Matt & Josh had that little exchange of words in the kitchen (refer to previous post, its funny lol), Josh went outside to suntan. Matt came out a little bit later and started to pitch his campaign to him. Matt is doing really good in the votes, and the fact that Ryan isn't campaigning nearly as hard, is only a benefit to Matt. I guess it's all about who wants to stay more!

Okay, so Matt used the "Ryan walks out of here with $30g's, I won't." card and tries to strike a deal with Josh to make sure he's safe next week. He also is being clever and using Natalie to his full advantage by saying that she will do whatever he tells her to do (true!!!) and that if Josh were to make it to the final 2, he would have 2 votes right there (Matt & Nat). Good stuff!!!
(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

Next up on Matt's campaign trail: Sharon!

Ohhh what a day it's going to be on the live feeds!!! :-D

Stay tuned...