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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

CBS Show (veto comp & ceremony episode)

8:03pm: showing the nomination ceremony...
8:04pm: Chelsia "All I can do is kiss everyones ass and I hate it!" (she was nom'ed)
8:04pm: Ryan trusts Matt, Adam and Josh (they struck a deal pre-noms)
8:05pm: Showing Sharon talking to Sheila: "They want the girls vs the guys."
8:05pm: Ryan in HOH talking to Josh about giving Josh "inside info" (Josh will hang with the girls, and feed that info to Ryan, and vice versa. Josh scared that Ryan is TOO close to Matty.)
8:06pm: "Sharon makes me a bigger target cuz she's with me ALL the time."-Josh
8:07pm: Chelsia upset with being on the block (talking to James in storage room)
8:08pm: James tells Chelsia to trust him that she'll be okay.
8:08pm: Showing Matt being mean to Natalie (Right after the whole Nat giving birth skit)
8:09pm: Nat complains to Sharon and Sheila. Sheila tells Nat that Matt is "working" her over. Nat says "I know!"
8:10pm: Sharon, Josh, Nat, Shelia talk about the backdooring Matt plan.
8:10pm: Matt to Nat: "I'm sorry. It's me and you to the end." *kiss on her cheek*
8:11pm: "We have to pretend that we don't like each other." Matt to Nat
8:12pm: Nat tells Matt about the "backdoor Matty" plan.
8:13pm: "Time to take over!"-Matt in Diary Room
8:13pm: Ryan eating in HOH, tells Matt to use Nat as a "source for information".


8:15pm: Josh pitches his deal to Ryan to be nom-free for 2 weeks IF Ryan would nominate (backdoor) Matt.
8:16pm: Ryan confesses that Ryan already knew of the deal cuz Natalie leaked it to Matt and Matt is pissed.
8:17pm: Josh tells Chelsia and Sheila that Ryan already knew the plan.
8:18pm: Matt up in HOH with Ryan...Matt tells Ryan "Do what you have to do."
8:18pm: Ryan in diary room, might still backdoor Matty
8:19pm: Picking players for the Veto Comp: Ryan picked Adam (and not Matt) for the veto comp.
8:19pm: Adam wasn't on board for plan for the veto, that made Josh nervous.
8:20pm: James/Josh/Chelsia/Sheila in HOH, shakes Ryans hand for the 2-week deal.
8:21pm: Chelisa-"He says he has EVERYONES back!" (talking about Matt)

(when the veto comp comes on, I'm not going to report it..I actually wanna watch that part of the show and not just hear & type it..)
8:25pm: veto comp begins!!
8:39pm: Chelsia wins the POV, Sheila won $10k BUT THEN Ryan took it (he had the option to pick it if he wanted to), and Sheila is really bitter and crying and boo-hoo'ing.
8:40pm-8:46pm: Sheila flipping the game and calling off the "backdoor Matty" plan by talking to Ryan.

8:52pm: Veto ceremony about to begin..
8:53pm: Josh WAYYY excited that Matt will be backdoored (he doesnt know that plan was thrown out, though.)
8:54pm: Sharon giving her "Keep me because.." speech...
8:55pm: Chelsia uses the Veto on herself
8:55pm: Ryan now decides who to replace her on the block..
8:55pm: Ryan choose James..everybody (but Adam, Matt, and nat) look STUNNED!
8:56pm: Matt gets WAY too excited & cocky, and starts rubbing it in their faces "Ya, son! It's ON NOW!! Fuck with me? This is what happens!!" (then you hear Ryan in the background saying "Matt, enough. Stop." and he does).
8:57pm: "He may have won this battle, but I will win the war."-Joshua in the D.R.
8:58pm: "Yep, I got played. What can I say?"-James in the D.R.
8:58pm: "I was the mastermind behind backdooring James!"-Sheila
8:58pm: CBS announcer guy: "Find out who will be evicted tomorrow.."
*End of Show*