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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

CBS show about to start + Update!!

Hey gang! I want to update ya'll on what's going on inside the good ol' BB house. But first, turn your tv's on to CBS because the show is about to start! Not able to watch it? Don't worry, I'll recap for ya! ;-)

Okay, so this is what's up..

The original plan (by Matt, Nat, Ryan, Sheila, and I think Adam as well) will vote to evict James at this point. HOWEVER, things are changing literally every hour, so you never know. Also, the HG's talked about how tomorrow morning they will wake up and then vote right away (pre-taped votes), so tonight is going to be IN-SANE on the live feeds!! Don't have them yet? PERFECT time to get them because tomorrow very well might be the first endurance comp and CBS only shows about 5-10 mins of it at the very end of hte live eviction show..but if you have the live feeds, you can watch it all happen LIVE!!

I'll be posting the CBS show here on the blog for those of you stuck at work and can't make it to the tv, so don't worry-I got ya covered! ;-)

Okay kids, there's gonna be PLENTY MORE UPDATES ALL NIGHT TONIGHT!! You know the drill....

Stay tuned...