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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Checking in on the HG's (4pm BBT)

I've been waiting for something, anything, to happen so that I could report it..but, sadly, this is all that is going on as of 4pm BBT (6pm EST):

James & Chelsia are snuggled up nice and warm in the hammock and having small chat..cute boy/girlfriend kind of chats.

James: "I like our little nighttime hugs..."

Natalie is in her bed reading the bible (and occasionally whispering out-loud of what she's reading):

..and here is reason #234,287 that I can't wait until Allison is gone: I won't have to watch this boring-ass shit anymore:

(Allison and Ryan playing chess)

Josh is in the jacuzzi just chilling out, and I'm not sure where Matt is (didn't see him on the live feeds when I spark'ed up.)

I'm hoping that the siren will go off soon just so that I have something good to watch lol Ahhhh, but that's Big Brother for ya. One day, all hell breaks loose, the next day is calm as can be.

Will keep ya'll posted!!! ;-)

Stay tuned...